How To Get Snapchat On Windows Phone

how to get snapchat on windows phoneFor the uninitiated, Snapchat is a fun messaging app used to share moments through pictures and videos. Often people use this application to take pictures and videos, and then they add a caption or a doodle and eventually send them to friends or their loved ones. You could also use it to share a story with some or all of your friends. Snaps can be watched for up to 10 seconds. This mode of communication is quite popular however currently it is not available in windows mobile phones.

Snapchat has had a checkered history on phones which use windows as their operating system. Its fans on that platform have had to endure immense frustration trying to find solutions on how to use this application on their phones. Basically, there has never been an official Snapchat application on windows phone and this doesn’t change despite complaints from the Snapchat community.

There have been third party solutions for use by Snapchatters but Snapchat eventually clamped down on unofficial clients trying to connect into the Snapchat through the windows platform. Rudy Huyn’s 6Snap application was regarded as a highly amazing third party application to complement this service on windows phones. Rudy fought tooth and nail to try and plead his case but eventually lost the battle. The excuse Snapchat gave for removing the app from the windows store was because it affected a single digit of its users.

But where official supports is lacking, or absent, the windows developer community always comes through. An example of this is Instagram. Despite there being an official Instagram app, it has been updated only once in a period of more than one year and there are third party solutions available. These third party solutions offer a much better experience. Therefore in the absence of Snapchat on the windows platform, there are other options which include 6snap and Swapchat. 6Snap has become a community favorite. Its developer, Rudy Huyn is a talented and committed windows phone developer. 6Snap had a good overall user experience as compared to official Snapchat applications on other sites. Obviously anyone would fancy support from the source but if there is a better solution, this is not the end of the world.

Applications such as 6Snap used APIs which were reverse-engineered to gain access into Snapchat. This was a security breach which was ultimately caused by third party apps. Therefore Snapchat started by offering a warning to those using unofficial apps then it went ahead to lock and remove all third party apps from the windows store. As of now, windows phones do not have Snapchat at all.

Get Snapchat On Your Windows Phone With Specter

A new Snapchat app known as Specter allows a user to login to Snapchat by using their account details. It is available for windows 10 mobile. It is available in the store at a price of $1.49 and allows the user to send and receive image and video messages. This is a very basic app lacking so many features and polish. But it is recommended that you do not buy the app since it will be discovered and removed from the windows store by Snapchat. Not only will you not get updates and support but you will also be wasting your time. Your account will also be banned for using a third party app. Snapchat will always go to great lengths to deal with security and privacy reasons considering their legal battles with Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

SpecterThe legal battles between FTC and Snapchat begun as a result of scrutiny from FTC alleging that Snapchat misled its users about the level of privacy it and also that it collected its users information which violated its own policies. Snapchat had to endure those tribulations and eventually settle them by denying or admitting any wrongdoing. Snapchat promised to revise its policies and have its company monitored for the next 20 years by an independent privacy professional. A statement by FTC Chairwoman said that if a company claims to market privacy and security as the major selling points to pitch its customers, then it must keep its promises. Any company making representations about its privacy to customers’ risks FTC action, she added.

Several petitions have been made online requesting Snapchat to bring an official app supported by windows phone. But until an official app is made available, it is always good to be careful when purchasing a third party app.

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