How To Use Tinder Without Facebook

How To Use Tinder Without FacebookTinder is a social discovery and dating service that is location based and uses the Facebook social media platform to connect and match users who display a mutual interest in each other. Tinder is essentially referred to as a “swiping application” as the user employs a swiping motion in order to make a choice between a potential match. A swipe directed to the left moves the photo and a rightward swipe is indicative of a match with potential and interest to the user.

Tinder builds a user profile using the Facebook platform, based on photos that have already been uploaded online. The user’s social graph and preferences are analyzed using complex algorithms and their basic information and relevant data are compiled. Compatibility of candidates and users based on the number of mutual friends they share, their particular geographical location and their common hobbies, preferences and interests are streamed into a match list. Incidentally, the app has steadily gained global popularity and is currently used in at least 190 countries.


1. Dating privacy

2. In this digital age, no one in their right mind would want an application that rummages through their personal profiles, photos, friends and contact list.

3. Use of different photos for Tinder and Facebook profile


There are a number of ways to maneuver when one encounters the question of how to use Tinder without Facebook:

1. Create a Facebook Account Specifically For Tinder

This is an interesting option considering the whole idea was to use the Tinder application without Facebook. The rationale behind this particular method is the creation of a secondary Facebook account which mimics the general characteristics of the primary one, but has limited details. When signing up for a Tinder account, it is this secondary Facebook account that will be tied to the Tinder account. A new Facebook account that mirrors ones primary account will do the trick. Once the account is created, the essential details should be filled in. After creating the account, the Tinder account settings should be accessed and the user should logout of the Tinder account. After this, especially for iPhone and Android based mobile devices and tablets, log back in to Tinder using the Facebook account. The Tinder account will be compelled to recognize the new Facebook account that has been created and will effectively be isolated from the primary Facebook account.

2. Disable Facebook Broadcasting

tin 1On selecting the Privacy Settings on the Facebook account, it will be necessary to click the “See More Settings” button. On the pop down window that will show on clicking the button, the user should then click “Apps” and access the Tinder application. On the “Visibility on Apps and Posts”, the option should be set to “Only Me” in order to effectively disassociate Facebook from Tinder.

3. Adjust Privacy Settings

Usually when a user sees a person they like and are attracted to, the app allows them to search for that person’s name on Facebook. In the event that the Facebook account is not secure, strangers will be able to access private information like personal telephone numbers.

Facebook has most of its privacy settings disabled by default. In order to ensure that the Tinder account is isolated from the Facebook account and the user can enjoy privacy, access to and adjustment of the Facebook Privacy Settings and Tools is the way to go. The “Manage” button on the Facebook profile should allow the user to change the people who can actually see their friends list. The people who follow the user can be restricted to “Only Me” or “Friends”, of course depending on the discretion of the user’s circle of friends.

4. Set Tinder to Avoid Facebook Friends

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When plagued with the question” how to use Tinder without Facebook”, this is certainly one of the most direct methods used to answer this question. As one swipes through the Tinder application, sooner or later, it will inform them that they have mutual friends on the Facebook social media platform. At this point, it may be necessary to change the account settings such that in future, one will not be able to see the mutual Facebook friends on the Tinder application.

Dating is an interesting and private activity though if precautionary measures are not taken in this day and age, especially with apps like Tinder, may expose an individual’s clandestine activities and encourage online stalking by strangers. This is the primary reason why it may be necessary to dissociate ones Facebook account from the Tinder dating application. This will ultimately ensure that an individual can date online without having their privacy exposed to the online fraternity.

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