Why IT Companies are Important in Enhancing Security

Crime is becoming almost an everyday phenomenon in the world today, and we currently live in a world where taking security measures is very essential. Crime and theft have affected almost every industry in one way or another. Criminals are becoming smarter every day and implementing new and highly sophisticated security measures are the key to combating crime. In this article, I would like to share with you the reasons why many businesses are finding it essential to hire IT experts to protect their life and business.




Reasons why IT companies are important in enhancing security.

Doing business has gone digital nowadays, many people are running their businesses on an online platform. Sites for shopping online are becoming more rampant, and a lot of people are trading online. But are those places save in transacting business? For an online store to succeed there is need to hire very qualified IT experts to assist in ensuring that the sites are secure from hackers and any unauthorized intrusion.

The IT experts provide for secure sites, and this has dramatically promoted a lot of trust from its end- users. Owners of online business platforms try to display the seal on their websites so that people can gain even more confidence from using them. By doing so, it boosts their business and they can easily compete with any brand with a big name in the world.

Hiring some experts to provide for security solution can help in protecting a business from being on a target list by criminals, For instance, by installing a recording CCTV camera on business premises can scare away offenders because Cameras are visible. Also, installing an alarm which triggers on whenever there is a break in by strangers is common nowadays. Trained experts help in managing any false alert and making sure the security agencies get notified as soon as the alarm goes on.

Having a proper surveillance security systems can be a great savior in a court of law, sometimes a client can sue the business for some damages caused by another third party. In this case, a company can protect itself in a court of law from against any form of negligence from their side by providing evidence from the security systems installed within the premises.

Well installed security systems from IT experts can also help in case the owner of the business has filed acclaim and seeking compensation from an insurance company. Most of the insurance companies don’t pay claims quickly until convinced beyond no reasonable doubt that property loss happened due to a natural act of criminal activity. Also, proper precautions were taken to prevent the crime from happening. Therefore it is essential for a business to seek expertise measures in protecting business to ensure compensation in case there is a loss of property or life.

With the development of new technology, protecting a business has become more comfortable. People don’t need to use the traditional methods of having someone on site to stop any crime from happening. The premises can be monitored from anywhere, anytime and anyplace. In case of any vandalism to the business, police officers get notified immediately.

Technology is growing very fast, and indeed there are enormous advantages for a business to invest heavily in much more complex security tools in preventing crime and protecting life and property. The customer service from the IT expert companies is deemed to be of a high standard, and most of the companies operating these systems are regarded to be professional. Therefore most people running different business ventures are relying upon IT expert security firms to help them in protecting their investments.



Why are IT Companies So Worth That Investment?

As 2017 starts circling the drain, a new year and a
new dawn in the security investment arena is upon us. As such, it only makes sense
that as a business owner or manager, you should be starting to consider new
business goals, and as such, a new security service provider. Perhaps it’s
time to reconsider what Vaughnnet can do for you.

While most people tend to focus on monetary policy,
when it comes to investing in your business’ safety and security,
you’ll have to consider what’s most advantageous to your business.

The fact that you’re reading this blog post may
already indicate that you’re considering a new security solution for your
business, something that we, as an established IT company can do for you!

Of course,
all businesses are unique, and here at Vaugh Net, we believe that there’s no
one-size-fits-all solution, but there are various options in the marketplace,
designed to fit your personal needs.

Here are five great reasons why you should
consider working with an IT company like and invest in a proper security system next

1. You’ll be able to deter crime before it happens


While all security solutions can deter crime, not all of them are equally as
effective as ours. We use camera systems which record criminal activity and
help reduce your risk of becoming a target in the first place. Why? Well
because most criminals do not target businesses with cameras since it increases
their likelihood of getting caught. And what about video verification alarms?
We cover that as well, and with this service, we aim to provide a security
solution ideal for larger businesses that operate the likes of construction
sites and warehouses. Video verification alarms are all verified by qualified
operators which help eliminate the risk of false alarms but ensure that if and when an actual intrusion happens, the right
people are dispatched to the scene immediately.


2. You’ll Save on Your Insurance Premiums


Investing in an IT company’s security system may mean
that you’ll be saving a lot of cash in the long run. Insurance premiums
can go down by as much as 20% when security systems are installed, and as a bonus,
you’ll also benefit by taking a tax write-off

3. You’ll Be
Protected Against Lawsuits

As a security system provider, we can help protect you
against lawsuits. If you are ever accused of misconduct, our video surveillance
can help retrieve the evidence and provide it to the relevant law enforcement
authorities, helping you stay in the clear.

4. Alerting Authorities Upon an Intrusion
Becomes Effortless

Among our security systems, our intrusion alarms are
probably the most popular products. This is because they can be monitored remotely and
do not require business owners to be on site when an intrusion happens,
which also means that police can be notified of
suspicious behavior at the drop of a hat.

5. You’ll Keep Vandals Out


Vandalism often happens on properties that are unrestricted,
but by investing in our security solutions such as our alarm
systems, you’ll be able to help better
dissuade vandals on your business premises.


Need to Know More About why IT companies are a Great Investment for Security Reasons?

security is becoming an essential business driver because the modern companies are producing huge amounts of data which could be used to process valuable information. This is the kind of data that attracts hackers and cybercriminals to break into company networks. Many security specifications and standards are therefore being set to ensure security. One such standard includes ISO 27001 developed by International Organization for Standardization to help businesses maintain information security on their data and that of their customers. Vaugh Net IT Company is ready to solve all vulnerabilities on data to ensure your firm’s data is well secured from unauthorized access.

Reasons that Make Vaugh Net IT Company recommend investing in Computer Security

Protect Suppliers and Customers


The greatest vulnerabilities in the security of a company’s data come from its customers and suppliers. Security certifications and standards, therefore, deliver a well-defined structure which ensures that both suppliers and customers know their information security roles and obligations. Continuous monitoring of the same ensures the data and reputation of the parties are protected.


Improve Customer Confidence


Generally, solution and service providers deliver products or introduce them before full security procedures are kept in place. Certification e.g. ISO 27001 helps customers know that their private and sensitive data is well protected within the
company network. It also helps to keep crucial data from competitors.


Prevent Crime


Surveillance camera systems have the ability to prevent crime by monitoring activities done by employees. These systems record criminal activities thus reducing the probability of becoming a target. For larger companies, video verification alarms are used e.g. construction sites, warehouses, and car dealers. Video verification alarms are verified by a trained individual to prevent false alarms. When an actual intruder is seen, law enforcement is deployed


Save Money on Insurance


Investing in a security system is a long-term asset to the company. Installing security systems as such helps to cut your insurance cost by up to 20 percent. This is due to minimum cases of intrusion and destruction thus making maintenance easy for the company. Firms also save by writing off taxes.


Protect Business against Lawsuits


Security systems can also protect the business from unnecessary lawsuits by providing evidence of counter activities. If a client owns a towing company, then another person picks his car from the towing company lot and accuses our client of assault. However he’s not aware of camera surveillance and the evidence is retrieved from an IT company such as Future Generation Tech Inc in DC, the evidence could be presented to the authorities.


Easy Alert


Intrusion alarms are the most common due to the ability to monitor them remotely. You don’t have to be on the site for you to monitor insecurity activities. This makes dispatch of police easier and increases the probability of catching burglars and vandals.


Implementing security policies and strategies in a company is highly recommended. It helps to govern the way in which top officials and the general staff in a company handle data. This helps the company to comply with legal and contractual mandates. The trends in technology create vulnerabilities even on the internet. A Trojan virus can have its way into the system through content downloaded from the internet or input and output devices mounted in computers within the firm. Security policies should, therefore, be implemented to take care of such risks.


Vaugh Net is an IT company based at Vaughn in Canada. It helps you to eradicate security vulnerabilities that would render data in your company susceptible to adversaries. They also provide security strategies that govern how and who has access to sensitive company information. This is your best chance to outsource.